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hga皇冠 & 美食及可持续海鲜政策

hga皇冠 & 美食家致力于:
  • Assessing the current status of the fisheries and fish farms that supply the seafood products hga皇冠 buys and distributes. 
  • Sourcing and selling environmentally and socially-responsible seafood that addresses local, 区域, 以及全球可持续性问题. 
  • Utilizing our purchasing influence to encourage less sustainable fisheries and farms to move forward with credible, 记录改进项目:
-  渔业改进项目 (FIP’s) as defined by the Conservation Alliance for 海鲜 Solutions 支持渔业改善项目的指引
  • Implementing systems and practices to track our seafood back to the harvest location or farm to ensure legality and to eliminate unreported and unregulated (IUU) seafood from our stores.
  • Not sourcing from any fishery found to have IUU issues or that is currently on the IUCN red list, 或任何不愿意改善的渔场或渔场. 
  • Sourcing only from suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability and transparency. 
  • 教育财富鱼 & 美食 employees and our customers about the sustainability of the seafood products we sell. 
Please see below for a more detailed explanation of each component of hga皇冠 & 美食的承诺.
Having a good understanding of the status of the fisheries that make up the seafood hga皇冠 & 美食 is buying and selling is critical to developing and executing any sustainable seafood policy. 幸运鱼已经和 可持续的渔业合作 (SFP),  a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage and catalyze global seafood supply chains in rebuilding depleted fish stocks and reducing the environmental impacts of fishing and fish farming. SFP provides strategic and technical guidance to seafood suppliers and producers, 帮助他们与其他志同道合的公司聚集在一起 渔业改进项目 (FIPs), 并围绕具体的政策改进达成共识, 海洋保护措施, 以及渔业和养鱼业. SFP has a team of researchers and fishery scientists that will provide hga皇冠 with information to assess the sustainability of the seafood products we carry and identify any necessary improvements. 
为了进行此评估,幸运鱼 & 美食 will work closely with our seafood suppliers to capture the necessary information. 一旦收集到每个渔场的详细资料, 评估将考虑以下几个因素:
  • Is the species listed as endangered or on IUCN Red List with respects to population?
  • 渔业有管理吗??
  • Does the fishery have a science based stock assessment or other catch regulations?
  • If it’s a rebuilding fishery, is there a plan in place to ensure recovery?
  • What are the impacts of the fishing gear on habitat and other species?
  • Are there IUU challenges in the fishery and can it be reliably traced to origin?
  • 养殖的hga皇冠对环境的影响是否最小?
hga皇冠 & 美食 recognizes that there are current standards in the seafood industry that have been developed to certify products as sustainable, 如 海洋管理委员会 (MSC). 虽然hga皇冠确实在考虑MSC,最佳水产养殖实践(全球水产养殖联盟), and 水产养殖管理委员会 (ASC) standards favorably in our sourcing decisions, hga皇冠 does not require all of our products to be certified “sustainable.” We understand that certification can be expensive and not accessible to everyone.  We do seek to ensure that the products we sell meet certain benchmarks for food safety, 如上所述的质量和可持续性.  
渔业 & 水产养殖的改进
If a seafood product does not meet our benchmark for sustainability, hga皇冠 & 美食’s approach is to continue sourcing from those fisheries and farms and to use our leverage as buyers to encourage improvements that drive sustainability. 这些被称为 渔业改进项目 (FIPs)和 水产养殖改进项目 (AIP). This approach will ultimately lead to increased supply of sustainable seafood worldwide as we actively work with our supply chain to improve fisheries and fish farming impacts. 
福鱼支持真正进步的FIPs和AIPs, and utilizes SFP's FIP Progress Ratings to monitor progress of FIPs.  Fortune also strongly encourages FIPs to publicly report on 渔业progress.org.
海鲜 sustainability is a journey that includes many stakeholders including conservation groups, 渔民, 鱼的农民, 批发商, 分销商, 和行业团体一起努力解决问题. hga皇冠 & 美食 has partnered with the SFP as our advisors and is actively supports their 目标75 倡议.  Fortune collaborates with all stakeholders to advance the sustainability of our seafood products.  除了, it is critical that suppliers of seafood to hga皇冠 also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, 改进和透明度的工作与福鱼 & 美食. 
透明度, Seasoft
由于海hga皇冠行业是全球性的,财富鱼 & 美食 is committed to implementing systems and practices to track our seafood back to the harvest location or farm to ensure legality and to eliminate unreported and unregulated seafood from our stores. This will also require a commitment from our seafood suppliers to sustainability and transparency if they want to do business with hga皇冠 & 美食.
教育- - - - - - 财富鱼学校
hga皇冠 & 美食 will share the information collected on our seafood products with our sales staff and will incorporate the sustainability assessment into existing employee training so they fully understand the sustainability of the seafood products hga皇冠 is selling and can speak confidently with our customers about the issues. 
hga皇冠 & 美食家也会寻求一对一的机会, 在线, and in other sales materials to educate our customers about seafood sustainability and what the hga皇冠 policy is doing to support environmentally responsible practices. We are committed to helping our customers understand the sustainability status of the fish they buy.
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